793 - FC Copy/move operations delay issue

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793 - FC Copy/move operations delay issue

#1 Post by Dreamer » 23.02.2019, 14:03

When using FC file operations for copy/move, auto-minimize option and copy/move without dialog options, using F5/F6 (Shift+F5/F6), empty dialog is shown for about half second, sometimes almost one second, there's a delay also after the operation, until the file appears on the other panel, it looks the delay is the same.

It works good when using Windows file operations, it's instant, no delay.

In previous versions it works good, dialog just blinks.

FC 793 64-bit donor, tested also with default settings, Windows 10 64-bit 1809.

EDIT: I found, that using hotkeys there's a delay, but using the splitter copy/move buttons there is NO dialog delay, but there is a delay after the operation too.

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