Separator and New Item creation and movement on FAVORITE Toolbar issues

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Separator and New Item creation and movement on FAVORITE Toolbar issues

#1 Post by Forez » 23.06.2018, 13:15

There are these user unfriendly behaviors when you try to adjust your Favorite Toolbar. One bug, one suggestion and two somewhere-in-between

1] The Bug

If you go via Customize Favorite Toolbar and already have some Separators on a given toolbar, then when you add new ones and move them around [adjusting their position between Items [icons], you better do not remove anything from that toolbar before closing and reopening of that Define Favorite Toolbars window. Because if you do, then your adjustments of old [already exiting Separators] get reverted, while all the new ones drop down to the end [bottom] of the list. So you have to enter through Customize Favorite Toolbar twice if you want to move elements and delete some. And the same is true if you want to move old ones and only add new ones, without deleting anything. And the same is true also for Items; and Categories. So right now the user has to follow this simple but annoying rule: if you want to do more than one sort of thing on Favorite Toolbar then do one, exit and re-enter to the next one; unless you want to keep making over and over the same changes, irritating yourself with it

2] The Suggestion

There is no option for inserting a, lets called it, Pause- and empty Item; empty be designation. We have Separators but we do not have Blank Icon, which actually looks good on a Toolbar. Right now the user has to create New Item and delete the name of it, if the user wants to have a nie blank space between other icons on a Favorite Toolbar

3] The Mixture #1

The user can insert more than one Separator adjacent to each other between Items- but only in horizontal position. Because when a group of Separators is placed in a Category, then when that Category icon is clicked later on, only 1 separator is visible- and this is inconsistent. If we can have 3 Separator horizontally in a row [which I personally started to use as a substitute for the aforementioned Pause as it takes a little less space than an empty / blank Item], then why cannot we have 2, 3 or 4 Separators in a vertical sub-menu?

4] The Mixture #2

The user cannot insert New Item into a Category and then wipe out its name and expect a blank icon to appear [serving as an aforementioned Pause]. So this is another inconsistency- what works horizontally does not work when implemented verticallya

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