819+810a - All keyboard shortcuts lost when using Desktop snapshot

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819+810a - All keyboard shortcuts lost when using Desktop snapshot

#1 Post by Dreamer » 16.05.2020, 15:36

First, be careful while testing this bug, make sure you have a backup of your settings and shortcuts!

Hint: Never click the OK button on the Define keyboard shortcuts dialog, if the list of shortcuts is empty!

To reproduce:
- use default settings
- create any new first custom keyboard shortcut, e.g. for Combine files..., click Assign, OK
- in menu > tools > desktop snapshot, enable the option "Hotkey global (Shift+Ctrl+F12)" and click the "Save" button
- open Define keyboard shortcuts dialog *
- press Shift+Ctrl+F12
- wait few seconds while snapshot is created and main FC window is shown
- close the Define keyboard shortcuts dialog with OK button **
- all keyboard shortcuts are lost - both, custom and default, and they don't work at all
- reopen Desktop snapshot dialog
= "Hotkey global" option is greyed out - unavailable
- restart FC
= all keyboard shortcuts are still lost, .shc file it looks like this:

* Keyboard shortcuts are lost also when opening the Settings window, or Define action toolbars, or Define favorite toolbars, or even Desktop snapshot dialog, in this step, possibly also with some others - just temporary, until FC restart, but if you open the Define keyboard shortcuts dialog while shortcuts are not working and close it with the OK button, shortcuts are lost for good.

** When using the Cancel button in this step, shortcuts are preserved and they are back after FC restart, both - default and custom.

This bug is present also in Build 810a 32-bit public! The shortcuts list is not empty, but if you close the Shortcuts dialog and reopen it, the list is empty too.

To reproduce it in 810a, you need to close the Shortcuts dialog with OK button after creating snapshot, then shortcuts don't work, e.g. F2, then reopen Shortcuts dialog, it's empty now, click OK, and close FC.

In the .shc file there are some shortcuts under [TfcViewerForm_ShortCuts] and [TfcViewerFrame_ShortCuts], but under [ShortCuts] it's the same:

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