Properties dialog with all important information

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Properties dialog with all important information

#1 Post by Dreamer » 11.10.2007, 20:22

Perhaps it could be "Attributes/Timestamp" dialog.

I'd like to have all important information for files, also multimedia files in the same dialog - all info in a single dialog, no tabs, if possible.

Currently some info is only in Windows Properties dialog, some only on the second tab, som only in FC dialogs, it would be great if there would be a dialog with ALL important information...

- file name
- file path
- size (auto)
- size (in Bytes/KB/MB)
- size on disk

- set timestamp **

- video / audio information...
- image/video width/height
- duration
- audio bit rate
- audio format
- frame rate
- video bit rate
- compression

- EXIF / IPTC / ID3 tag...
- preview / thumbnail (for image, perhaps also for video, but not the 1st frame)

** from Attributes/Timestamp dialog

All information should be selectable and there might be also a small quick copy button for each item and a special copy button for all information.

Some info / items might be customizable, or they could be shown at another tab, but it should be possible to show all info in the same window too.

Another request - this dialog might be available also as Quick view - so I could switch the files on the left pane and all the information will be updated on the right.

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#2 Post by Alex » 12.10.2007, 09:17

I think there is a lot of work.

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Multimedia Info on Tab

#3 Post by correohs » 13.10.2008, 14:52

FC is a great tool! Thanks for your hard job!

I’d love to use it to organize my music file, and the only thing that I can not find is under “Custom Columns”, “Content”,

- Artist
- Composer
- Gender
- Path
- Filename

Is there a way to see those attribute on the tab bar and sort by? Add in some stuff on the ini file? Or script to do it?

Now I’m using FC to organize my music files, in combination with other software that tells me who the artist is.



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#4 Post by clanman » 14.10.2008, 01:00

I agree this would be a great addition to FC.

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