Customize Toolbars is mis-behaving

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#16 Post by Marek » 29.06.2008, 21:38


I hope your description helped me to fix the bug. If you do not have beta access, please send me PM with your email address and I send you the current beta for testing.

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#17 Post by Dreamer » 30.06.2008, 21:43

"My" bug is still here in R355. To reproduce just remove any toolbar button, Delete for example.





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#18 Post by Matiaan » 10.07.2008, 11:56

As PoP has said, I have also found that 5 is subtracted from ToolBar2048Top every time I close FreeCommander (with auto save on).
The moment ToolBar2048Top goes below -8, the toolbars start re-arranging.
Also, on my setup, I found that switching off the View toolbar (6) stops the re-arranging, however I think switching off auto-save is a better hack. ;-)

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#19 Post by pthubbard » 02.08.2008, 17:25

Has this problem been corrected in the latest Beta? If so, how can I get the latest beta? This problem has pretty much stopped me from using the newest version?

.... Just saw the post in the Beta discussion forum... donation is on the way!

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#20 Post by Dreamer » 02.08.2008, 19:01

"My" bug is not fixed in the latest beta version (R361).

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Toolbars still being naughty

#21 Post by granny » 10.03.2009, 05:01

I'm now using version 2009.02, on XP Pro SP2, and toolbars still are behaving badly when customized, just like they did when I first reported it in June 2008.

When I right-click toolbar and select "Customize", OR when I use the Settings dialog, and change any toolbar setting, most of the toolbars collapse down to only the divider bar. The only one that does not collapse is the Favorite Tools bar with my custom links.

After I expand the bars again, and drag them back into position, I can close FC, and then they are fine when I re-open FC. It's just that I have to expand and re-arrange them EVERY TIME I change a toolbar setting.

I do hope this bug gets swatted soon



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Re: Customize Toolbars is mis-behaving

#22 Post by cav3ramsy » 16.03.2010, 14:02

I am using 2009.02a Build 410 donor on XP Pro SP3. I had trouble with favorite tools toolbars rearranging so I put everything in one toolbar. I believe it was only then that I started having trouble with the buttons rearranging.

I just had something interesting happen which might be helpful in debugging. The buttons rearranging are the last 3 on the toolbar. I put the first 2 buttons into a category. The toolbar refreshed immediately (without restarting FreeCommander) and the last 3 buttons were in proper order and a separator which was previously not in the proper place, was in the proper place. When I restarted FreeCommander, the last 3 buttons shuffled again.

Marek: Even with this bug, I really love the program! Thanks for your hard work.


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