not opens files with diacritic in filename

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not opens files with diacritic in filename

#1 Post by fidwmi » 28.02.2010, 08:37

When I try to open folders with letters like "ä" or "ü" FC says that folder not found. With files wich has this letters nothing happen.
So I noticed that in FC this kind of names displayed without diacritic.
FC 2009.02a, WinXP SP3 rus.

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Re: not opens files with diacritic in filename

#2 Post by Dreamer » 01.03.2010, 22:20

Please read the forum rules and the FAQ before posting next time.

I have recently downloaded FreeCommander and tried to use it. However, it does not support files with Thai language characters.

FreeCommander is non-unicode program. You have to tell windows what language to use for non-unicode applications:
- In Windows XP select Start menu -> Settings -> Control Panel.
- In the Control Panel select Regional and Language Options.
- Select the Advanced tab.
- Set the Language for non-Unicode programs to the correct language.

Unicode support will be implement later, more in the forum...


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