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Suspend tab content

#1 Post by Dreamer » 20.06.2020, 16:36

When using tabs with the path which is unavailable temporary, annoying error dialogs are shown, even if switching tabs and reach the tab with broken path, and not locked tabs are even closed.

This is sometimes not needed/wanted, for network path, external disk, usb flash drive etc.

My suggestions:

- "Suspend tab content" option for tabs. If tab is suspended, just disable the content, perhaps show the last used path, if possible, but don't try to open this path, show empty file list, perhaps similar to those with loading path - and if possible, add the button to load content manually in the middle of the file list.

- "Auto suspend tab" option - if the path is unavailable, don't show the error dialog, just show empty file list, with the button to (re)load content manually. Perhaps also switch such tab to "suspend" state, so the FC will not try to load its content, until the Suspend state will be disabled manually.

If the file list content can't be empty, some default path could be used and the error message could be shown elsewhere - in the title bar, status bar, or as tooltip, option to re-load tab content could be in the tab context menu + in main menu, as toolbar button and keyboard shortcut.

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Re: Suspend tab content

#2 Post by Forez » 15.07.2020, 22:00

I already had similar thoughts concerning those issues ... =20&t=8764

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