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Default first/second keyboard shortcuts suggestions

#1 Post by Dreamer » 22.03.2020, 14:23

I already suggested some changes for default keyboard shortcuts here, but not all changes and new keyboard shortcuts could be done, but now Dual keyboard shortcuts have been implemented in 814, so it's possible to add the second default keyboard shortcuts, some have been added already, so now I want to suggest more.

Keyboard shortcuts are important, but some of them are not easy accessible or easy to remember, so I changed/added some existing, since we can assign two keyboard shortcuts for each command, another default shortcut could be added for some of them, especially Windows/Explorer standard shortcuts, so if user switch from Explorer, he ccould use the same shortcuts in FC immediately (all except F3-F6). Others shortcuts are more intuitive, easier to remember, or/and easily accessible.

Perhaps not all shortcuts will be added as default shortcuts, so this post could be a tip for users, so anyone can assign these manually.

First default keyboard shortcuts suggestions:

Make folder/file list - Ctrl+L
Show/hide hidden and system files - Ctrl+Shift+H ?
Tab container: New file container - Ctrl+Alt+T
Define keyboard shortcuts - Shift+F12

Second keyboard shortcuts suggestions:

New text file - F8
Compare - Ctrl+=
Select files with same ext. - Ctrl+Shift+A ?
Unselect all - Ctrl+Shift+D ?
Left to right - Ctrl+. (>)
Right to left - Ctrl+, (<)
Tab: Next folder tab - Ctrl+PageDown *
Tab: Previous folder tab - Ctrl+PageUp
New (folder) - Ctrl+Shift+N
Quick view panel - Alt+P
Edit path - Alt+D

* Open archive - currently it's Ctrl+PgDn, why is this one by default? Perhaps it could be changed, because of tab switching.

Any comments, recommendations are welcome.

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