Variable displaying of long names

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Variable displaying of long names

#1 Post by Dreamer » 29.02.2020, 21:29

In address bar it already works better, if the full path can't be shown, it shows just drive letter "..." and last folder.

I suggest something similar for file list - list view, details view and perhaps also in address bar, status bar and title bar.

If the file/folder name can't be fully shown, show the first characters and always last [X] characters.

X should be configurable.

If possible, perhaps it could be only for numbers and non-letter characters.
Perhaps the option to use only files would be useful too.

It would be useful in window mode, in details view with many columns, for files with numbers, date/time which are often at the name end and columns must be resized manually because of that.

Another suggestion - add the option to show focused item in title bar.

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Re: Variable displaying of long names

#2 Post by homersimpsonmeingmx » 08.03.2020, 16:18

Very interesting,

maybe in the "path" column too

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Re: Variable displaying of long names

#3 Post by Forez » 15.07.2020, 20:23

Dreamer wrote:
29.02.2020, 21:29
X should be configurable.
Yes, definitely

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