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Plugins Support

Posted: 08.03.2019, 20:28
by devguy
Good day,

I just became a donor as I needed the sftp and I like the Free Commander app. I have questions about using plugins. First off I found some posts that point at the Total Commander website and says you can use the Total Commander plugins (

I decided to give it a try. I am a software developer, so I tried SynWrite.6.40.2770 and wlx_sumatrapdf_0.8.1 for viewing PHP and pdf, but they just came up blank and did not work for me. I followed the instructions on adding plugins found here ( I then realized the plugins were 32bit and not 64bit like the Free Commander that I downloaded. I then tried to downgrade to the 32bit donor's version to see if they worked with that, but this lost me the ability to connect to an SFTP server. So I had to go back to my original 64bit donor version because I guess that the 64bit is the only version with SFTP capabilities. I am not sure if that is true or not but from what I can tell no SFTP in 32bit donor version.

This leaves me wondering how I can use the 32bit plugins with my 64bit version or if I am just plain missing something. This topic is discussed in different threads but none informative. There does not seem to be enough information on the forum to help get these working. I would love to see a topic that covers installing and working with the plugins under 32 and 64 bit.

How can I get these working? Am I stuck with not using plugins because most seem to be 32bit? Can I only use 64bit plugins with my 64bit Free Commander. Like I said the 32bit displayed nothing in the preview pane when I selected a PHP page or pdf and chose to view the plugin. I think Plugins, in general, needs either better coverage in the install manual or a thread to help people who cannot get them working. The funny thing is the Free Commander 64bit app allows me to install the 32bit plugin, but then it does not work.

Could someone please help answer some of my questions?

Re: Plugins Support

Posted: 09.03.2019, 17:32
by horst.epp
For most Total Commander plugins there are x64 versions available today.
I use both Free Commander x64 and Total Commander x64
and have installed the same set of x64 plugins for both even from the same location.
Best for viewing PDFs is SLister plugin which uses SumatraPDF
for program sources the best is CudaLister.

Re: Plugins Support

Posted: 11.03.2019, 18:37
by devguy
Thank You, I found a bunch of 64bit plugins, I really wish they would open plugins up for Free Commander and also have wfx plugins. I ran across a cloud plugin for onedrive and google drive. I wanted to try it but FC does not support wfx. Hopefully, in the future.