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Color Schemes suggestions

#1 Post by Forez » 17.04.2018, 17:06

Note: This post has been split from the topic "Color Schemes - Files", which is for color schemes files only -Dreamer

1] I think that it would be beneficial, if these guidelines would also request from users an usage of some sort of standardized set of folders and files; and also provide it for them. Something like what you Dreamer have done when creating your various schemas. It would be really easy then to compare different schemas / versions. I do not now how many files or sub-folders and of what kind it should contain, but I can suggest the name for this folder: FreeCommander Schemas Presentation [or something like that]. So that every screenshoot would look the same [aside of course from colors] and maybe aside form the letter of the drive- although for those unification purposes a

Code: Select all

C:\FreeCommander Schemas Presentation\
path would be preferable- but maybe asking people to do this on their particular drive is too much?

2] Why is that Color Schemes - Guide topic closed for editing in the first place? What I am writing here should be posted there, and not in this thread

3] Is not 800 x 600 resolution too small in the year 2018? Come on- what percentage of people is still running their workspace in 800 x 600? The word is currently moving on from HD [1080p] to 4K [2160p]; in a 16:9 format which translates to a 1,777...8 aspect ratio, while that 800 x 600 translates to a 1.333 ratio. Yes I know, that some old systems in companies or in goverments buildings can be utilizing even Windows 98 and a CRT monitors with low resolutions- but again, what diminutive percentage can possibly that be? Do you know how a 800 x 600 picture comically looks nowadays?

4] I use 21:9 monitor. And so I have just checked if that

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/N /NewIni=%FcAppDataPath%\Settings\FreeCommanderTest.ini /NoPlugins /Lng=English /ShowHidden /size=800x600
instruction will work on my hardware. And it did not. Apparently because I am running my Windows 7 x64 set up at

Code: Select all

Control Panel\Appearance and Personalization\Display
to the "150%" option. And so with it I get FC opened in a window that is 1700 x 600. So how I am suppose to make a proper screenshot? Do I need to change my OS displays settings to 800 x 600? No, because then I get some bloated thing with just a few icons that barely resembles FreeCommander. So the answer is: I need to change my display to 100%- which is not mentioned in that guide

5] That topic with guidelines speaks of

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/N /NewIni=%FcAppDataPath%\Settings\FreeCommanderTest.ini /NoPlugins /Lng=English /ShowHidden /size=800x600
instead of an idiot-proof

Code: Select all

FreeCommander.exe /N /NewIni=%FcAppDataPath%\Settings\FreeCommanderTest.ini /NoPlugins /Lng=English /ShowHidden /size=800x600
There might be users who are keen on tweaking their graphics but no so skilled in terms of using a command line. A lot of people have been born since the time of the demise of MS-DOS like systems

6] The publication, or even the name of the schema itself, should contain the version of FC with which it was created. Because in the future there are suppose to be updates to FC, that will allow for configuring more of the elements

7] If the changes / guidelines are to be upgraded, then it should be done now, where there are only few schemas available, all done by Dreamer. . But maybe all of that could be somehow automated and / or be taken care of on the creator's side? I mean: people would make the schemas, tests them, and send them for publication- with a screenshoot being produced not by them?
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Re: Color Schemes suggestions

#2 Post by Dreamer » 17.04.2018, 19:33

First, I have split this post from "Color Schemes - Files" topic, that topic is only for files, "Color Schemes - Discussion" topic is mainly for minor comments, requests, or issues - for existing color schemes files - because I think it's not needed to create a new topic for minor comments or report, e.g. item A in color schema BLUE is unreadable etc.

For any suggestions or ideas we have a basic rule which can be find in almost any forum:

• Post different questions, issues, or suggestions in separate threads.

Now, to your suggestions...

1) As you can see, we don't have any custom schemes from users (yet) except those from me, so it would be even harder for users who'd like to share their scheme, not all users are advanced enough, so even a screenshot is not required.

2) Any guide topic in this forum is locked, you can create a new topic for any issue.

3) Resolution 800x600 is recommended / minimum, for 100% scaling it's a good option. It's not about screen resolution or AR, all screenshots are resized, thumbnails on a web page and here in the forum it's even smaller than 800x600. When using a higher resolution (and 100% scaling), about 80% of the screenshot preview/thumbnail would be just empty space and the toolbars/texts would be very small, completely unreadable.

4) Of course, if you can't use that resolution, you can use a higher resolution, all these are just hints. If possible, don't use too large screenshots, like 4K, as I said, it's important to see something even from the previews/thumbnails. You can try some resolutions and then use this resolution for all your screenshots, if possible.

5) Command line parameters are in the FAQ - with the link to Help page with examples, I think it's sufficient.

6) As I said, I don't want to complicate it too much, old files should be always compatible with the new FC versions, dates are available. FC version might be even confusing for some users.

Anyway, if some new option will be added in the donor version, color scheme created with this version must be compatible with older public version, just the new option would not be loaded.

7) Again, don't take it so serious, 3 basic topics for color schemes are here just to help the users - and also Marek. Anyone can create and share a color scheme - if it will be readable, without any serious issue, like too dark - almost unreadable text, I don't have any reason to delete it. Some nice color schemes could be added also to FC color schemes page.

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