Usage/difference between File Container and Quick Starter

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Usage/difference between File Container and Quick Starter

#1 Post by cadudesun » 30.08.2015, 01:15


It seems "File Container" and "Quick Starter" tools, although having different designs/workflows, do the same think: they creates virtual containers which store kind of shortcuts to file/folders.

Is there differences in terms of usages/contexts that one tool is recommended over the other? I mean, for what is each tool best designed to?

Thanks for assistance!

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Re: Usage/difference between File Container and Quick Starte

#2 Post by joby_toss » 30.08.2015, 07:22

FC XE Help wrote:In FreeCommander a file container is a file which contains links to other files and folders. A file container can be opened in a panel like a folder. For example, favorite pictures stored in different folders can be shown as they would be if stored in a single folder; the file container is in effect this single (virtual) folder.
FC XE Help wrote:The FreeCommander quick starter offers the possibility to find and open frequently used files and folder quickly.

For that purpose links to these files and folders are stored in so called repositories. The files type of repositories is .TXT. Each of their rows only contain "Name" and "Path" (separated by a tab) of a file or folder.

In short: use File Container feature to easily manage items scattered around in your system and use Quick Starter for launching items.

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Re: Usage/difference between File Container and Quick Starte

#3 Post by Dreamer » 30.08.2015, 14:42

File Container is also kind of workaround to multitasking, copying//moving files/folders, to copy or move several items placed in different folders, also to open/edit such files at once. It's useful also for editing file parameters, e.g. read-only, hidden...

It's good to create and lock the file container tab for such purposes.

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