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Search in profile

#1 Post by YeargLitch » 21.04.2021, 12:44

Hi. I use profiles to ease up the search and avoid having to specify too many criterias. So things like excluding the .git directories, or .zip, *.gif files etc.
I want to define a profile that would only search for my visio diagrams. So I want to include only *.vsdx, *.vdx, *.vss in the search. So if I search for file "abc" it should only show any diagram files named abc and not show abc.png, abc.exe
Currently I'm typing abc.vsdx;abc.vdx;abc.vss into the search bar which is not very convenient. I wish I could say in the profile *.vsdx, *.vdx *.vss and then type only abc into the search bar.
But the profiles only allow specifying what to exclude, not what to include. And excluding every other extension apart from these 3 is not practical.
Is there a way to accomplish this that I'm missing? Thanks

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Re: Search in profile

#2 Post by Marek » 21.04.2021, 22:22

Is there a way to accomplish this that I'm missing?
I think, it is currently not possible.
What you want is:
- profile should save coarse filter
- in the search you want use the second fine filter
I like the idea for the future.

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