Any tricks or tools to open any folder?

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Any tricks or tools to open any folder?

#1 Post by Free4all » 10.05.2020, 01:14

I find FreeCommander XE to be the best, most customizable, and most feature-rich file manager available.

One of the features it does not seem to have, however is a way to quickly go to any deeply nested folder.

It has the main tree, but you need to manually navigate it.

It has the favorites tree, but that takes up quite a bit of screen space, and requires the folders to be pre-defined.

It has the Select Folder dialog box, but all the folders start closed, so you have to open each folder and subfolder, making it no more useful than the main tree.

It also has buttons, favorite items, and locked tabs, but those are limited to pre-defined folders.

Let's say you want to go to c:\this\is\a\very\long\new\path\

Are there any ways to quickly go to "path"?

If not, is there a third-party tool that anyone recommends to do this?

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Re: Any tricks or tools to open any folder?

#2 Post by Marek » 10.05.2020, 10:17

You could check the Quick Starter.
The tool is not dynamically - does not build repositories automatically.

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