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New User Question

#1 Post by skynotempty » 04.01.2020, 00:40

Recently I was using Free Hide Folder (FHF)
After updating Windows 10, FHF no longer required my password
and the hidden folders seemed to have vanished
Luckily Free Commander made them visible again
At least while viewing Free Commander's main screen
In File Explorer, however, they were still non-existent

Can someone explain to this old geezer how to change the folders back to being visible and usable via File Explorer?

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Re: New User Question

#2 Post by Dreamer » 04.01.2020, 14:36

I think you should ask Microsoft or/and Free Hide Folder program support for help.

Perhaps you could copy the content of problem folders to standard folders in FreeCommander, as workaround.

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Re: New User Question

#3 Post by ralfso » 04.01.2020, 16:00

I don't know if the comments from 2007 at ... ows-249289
are related to your version of FHF.
(You've to show the discussion of community).
Some users wrote that FHF is creating Folders like "RECYCLERÿÿ" with system flag and hides them in explorer.
The files are inside that folder(s).
If you can see the files in freecommander, it's recommended to copy the files to a visible folder.
Even "Unstoppable copier" is named to be able to copy these files.
Randy S. is writing about FHF
… It hides system files and prevents you from retaining the selected value when you toggle between show hidden and do not show hidden in your folder options. Because this effect can be indicative of malware, I spent a few hours scanning for root kits, spyware and viruses. After uninstalling FHF, all system files returned to view. What a waste of time.
I recommend staying away from this app.

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