Few suggestions and typos

Discussion and questions regarding to the translation of FreeCommander XE
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Few suggestions and typos

#1 Post by Dreamer » 23.02.2012, 20:23

"Check names in target folder befor rename" >> "Check names in target folder before rename"

"%d File(s), %d Folder" >> "%d File(s), %d Folder(s)"

"Samplingrate" >> "Sampling rate"

Plain view - files;Toggles the plain view for files
Plain view - folders;Toggles the plain view for folders
Plain view - files , folders; Shows the plain view for files and folders
>> in description different words should be used IMO, to explain the function better, for example "Show all files and folders together in one place", or just replace the word "plain" with "structureless" in all cases, in descriptions

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