Main menu - Edit - Unselect group...

After activating the main menu item "Edit → Unselect group..." or the key "- on the numeric key pad" a dialog is opened, where unselection criteria for items (files and/or folders) of the active panel can be defined.


In the combo box "Pattern" the name (including extension) of the files and/or folders to be unselected can be entered. The following possibilities are offered:

  • Manual editing
    The file name can be typed directly.
  • Using wildcards
    Wildcards can be used at any position of the name. The wildcard "*" represents one or several alphanumeric or numeric characters. "?" represents one alphanumeric or numeric character.
  • Searching different items
    Separated by ";" can be searched for different items. Example: "*.doc;a*.docx;*.txt"
  • History

After activating the button a selection list is shown, with the last inputs in this field. Clicking a row in this selection list overwrites the contents of the input field with the contents of the clicked row.