Tools - Settings - Programs -
Tab Default action

Under "Tools → Settings → Programs" in the tab "Default action", the user may define programs for opening files according to their extension, either with the "ENTER" key or by double-clicking on the file.

Assignment of filters and programs (default action)

Different file extensions (in the column "filter") may be assigned to be opened by different programs (in the column "programs").

In the above example, the program "PSPad.exe" is assigned to open files with the extensions "htm" and "html".

Calling the programs

On activation of the "ENTER" key or double click, the listed filters are analyzed sequentially from the top down. The highlighted file is opened by the program assigned to the first matching filter. Only checked rows are taken into account when matching a filter.

Editing the list of filters and programs

The following buttons are available for editing the list of filters and default programs:

The input box "program" specifies the program which should perform the action for the highlighted row.

The input box "parameter" specifies any parameters required for the program in the highlighted row.