Main menu - Folder - Make folder/file list ...

Activating the menu item "Folder → Make folder/file list ..." opens the dialog "Make folder list".

The folder/file list contains all selected items. They are saved in a text file according to the defined settings.

The "Make folder list" dialog contains the tabs

the information bar

the checkbox

and the buttons

TAB Operation

Selected item(s)

The content displayed under "Selected item(s)" differs according to the number of items to be listed:

If several files (and/or folders) are selected, the number of files (and/or folders) is displayed under "Selected item(s)".


The folder from where the items are to be listed is displayed under "from".

Include files and folders in sub folders

This option is active only, if folders containing sub folders are selected.

If this option is checked, not only items (files and folders) selected are listed, but also items from their sub folders in all levels.

Include only files of this type:

Output file

Use profile

The selection field "Use profiles" offers the following possibilities to influence the layout of the file/folder list to be saved:

TAB Files

The tab "Files" lists all files and folders to be listed with their paths.


Activating the button reloads all files and folders. This may be useful if they can be processed from various workspaces.

Quick filter bar

The quick filter provides the possibility to decrease the number of files to be listed (it is not applied to folders).

After activating the button a selection list is shown, with the last inputs (filters) in this field. Clicking the button activates the highlighted filter.

TAB Settings

Under the tab "Settings" further settings for the creating process of the file/folder list can be defined.

Auto close for successful operation

If this option is checked, the "Make folder list" dialog is closed automatically, as soon as the list file is saved successfully.

Auto close for canceled operation

If this option is checked, the "Make folder list" dialog is closed automatically, after the process was canceled.

Information bar: ... Files, ... Folders

In the "Make folder list" dialog the information bar (lowest window line) "...files ...folders" shows the information how many files and folders are to be listed. On opening the dialog the bar is invisible. Whenever the tab "Files" or the button "Run" are activated, the files and folders to be listed are loaded and their number is calculated and shown. The number of files and folders shown in the information bar can be different from the number shown under "Selected item(s)". The differences may result from:


Clicking this option checks it and suspends the list process. Clicking it again unchecks the option and continues the list process.

Button Run

After activating the button the list process for all items to be listed is started.

If the list file to be created already exists in the target folder a dialog with the question "Overwrite the file?" is shown. Confirming with "Yes" starts the list process. After the successful completion of the list, the existing list file is overwritten.

After activating the list process the "Make folder list" dialog shows the following modifications:

The tab "Settings" is invisible. The button "Run" is deactivated.


After activating the button (during the list process) the request "Do you really want to cancel the operation?" is shown. After confirming the request, the "Make folder list" dialog is closed. No list file is created

List progress

The list progress is visualized as follows:

Button Cancel

Activating the button , cancels the list process and closes the "Make folder list" dialog.