FTP connection properties - tab Connection

Name - if you want to save

A FTP connection name is required, if the connection should be stored in the list of FTP connections.


Host address

FTP server Internet address oder Server IP Address.


The server port.

Remote path

The Server path shown as root on the FTP-Client.

Local path

Activating a FTP connection shows the items of the path defined in the field "Remote path" in the appropriate field panel.

If a path is specified under "Local path", its items are shown in the other file panel.


Use anonymous login (e-mail address as password)

If this option is checked and the FTP server allows anonymous logins, an anonymous FTP connection can be established.

User name

In case of anonymous FTP connection "anonymous", otherwise the user name of the FTP client on the FTP server.


In case of anonymous FTP connections any email-address, that does not have to exist, otherwise the password of the FTP client on the FTP server.


After activating the button "Connect" all items (files and folders) of the server path defined in the FTP connection are shown in the FTP panel.