High-DPI awareness [UPDATED]

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High-DPI awareness [UPDATED]

#1 Post by h-h » 24.07.2015, 12:10


FreeCommander has some display problems on a 4K monitor:
  • "Big icons" are small again, not even scaled up
  • Icons that can't be made "big" are tiny as the ones on the right of the address bar in the files view (they're too small on non-4K monitors for me, too)
  • Windows-drawn menus have cut-off und condensed lines, the menus in the search window even without this setting
  • Checkboxes in the search window are tiny, labels and other elements are cut off (you can't make much use of the settings)
  • The icons of the drive buttons in the files view seem to be cut off
I would love to see no barriers in icon size control.

Take a look at this image to see how the search dialog looks like.

(FreeCommander XE 2015 Build 685 32-bit public
Windows 8.1, 200% scaling, increased font size)

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