Relayouting on minimize and restore

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Relayouting on minimize and restore

#1 Post by h-h » 24.07.2015, 11:50


I have a display with more than 3000px in width and am keeping FreeCommander maximized. I moved the right files view to invisibility. On the left, there's the folders view. When I minimize FreeCommander's window and then restore it, the folders view width gets limited to 500 px. Also 300 px of the right files view and the bar in between the files views appear. When I correct only one of the two views and trigger the bug again it also happens individually.

Also the folders view gets sometimes much wider without having it resized. But I can only reconstruct this: If I change the width, then minimize and restore, the folders view width has changed by itself additionally.

(FreeCommander XE 2015 Build 685 32-bit public
Windows 8.1, 200% scaling)

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