when apply filters with defined filters. quick way to select

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when apply filters with defined filters. quick way to select

#1 Post by minsik » 23.05.2015, 09:46


Amazing software and so well done to the author.
Minor request in some dialogs like filter files, copy files, move files for selecting a defined filter in an efficient way.

When go to copy and use defined filters there are many tabs or key presses to get to the required defined filter that's needed.

ie to cancel all and have no filters for example its alt+Y then alt+A to see all files. to apply a filter its alt+Y then tab several times to the define filter list and must use the mouse to click which filter is needed. perhaps a quick way would highlight first letter of the filter so after bring up the filter dialog then press the highlighted first letter to select the filter.

hope that makes sense. thanks..

PS - maybe an option to make defined filters "sticky" when applied ie this could apply to copy/move/ and like in the normal folder pane when a filter is in use, then show the title bar in colour to signify sticky filter is in use as well as show the filter in the filter definition bar.

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