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tab formatting

#1 Post by poyan » 06.04.2015, 07:07

I suggest that formatted tabs can be assigned more easily to a new folder.
scenario1: Imagine you organized parts of your data in a structured manner on a yearly basis that means top folders 2014, 2015 and subfolders.
with some efforts you assigned tabs to some of the subfolders.
A new year starts and you would like to have the same subfolders as tabs with the same colors, the same textformatting - and perhaps the same name.
scenario2: out of a huge number of folders you need just a handful for an actual project. tabs with a certain formatting (let us name it acute ) are assigned since you need a fast access to these folders. The project is finished and you start anotherone. again, you need a handful subfolders and you would like to assign "acute" tabs....
Perhaps you do that with three or four tabs per year, but with 20 per year or five per month?
I could imagine that you *drag* [wrong:draw] a folder on *an existing tab* [wrong:another one], *thereby a new tab is created and it* [wrong:the new one] gets the same properties. If nothing else is pressed the old tab is replaced, if ctrl is pressed, the new one is added, if shift or alt are pressed the new one is added but the properties dialog is opened for either the new or the old tab to allow the change of the properties.
alternatively or additionally formatted tabs (and maybe even layouts) could be automatically assigned according to certain keywords within the folder name, the top folder name, the whole directory, or according to a certain folder level, or *according* [wrong:recording] to the actual date, or according to combination of these parameters....

*Sorry for the wrong words, mostly the result of a too superficial check following dictating the text*
Kind regards

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