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Request: Change the Status line behavior

Posted: 07.12.2013, 13:06
by AimHere
In FreeCommander XE, if you are working in a given folder and have a number of files/subfolders selected, then deselect them all, the Status line at the bottom continues to show "1/x Object(s) selected" along with the file size and timestamp, where the object in question is whatever file/folder was last clicked on (it appears in the list window with a dashed box around it).

I would like this to behave more like Windows Explorer instead. In Windows Explorer, when you deselect all files, the status line at the bottom reverts to showing the properties of the folder as a whole, not the last-clicked file. In other words, it displays what it did when you first opened the folder, before any files had been selected.

(Right now, in FreeCommander, in order to get the aggregate folder info to display after delselecting all the files, you have to click on the "[folder].." icon at the very top of the list.)