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Random selection

#1 Post by arnoudj » 01.07.2013, 14:09

I should like to have a tool with which I can make a random selection out of a collection of thousands MP3 files for a given number of files or a total of MB's. And then make a new selection of the rest of the files etc. In short: divide a large collection af files into parts exisiting of a given numer of files or of a given total space. I need this feature to make random selections on MP3 sticks for my carradio, which can play at random a stick with 999 files.
I don't think FreeCommander has this feature already, I hope I am wrong or this feature can be built in a coming version.
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Re: Random selection

#2 Post by joby_toss » 01.07.2013, 19:49

Alternate method:
- use M3U Dropper and drop all your music in its interface
- use Sort\Randomize
- select the number of files you want (use F12 to show you the number)
- create .m3u playlist and repeat the process with another group of files
- load the created playlists in Foobar, select all files, right click them and choose File Operations\Copy to... and browse for your portable device.


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