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Suggestions from a "keyboard person"

#1 Post by jj2007 » 07.06.2013, 09:17

Hi Marek,

After sticking more than ten years with your competition I decided to try FreeCommander.
WOW :!:
It's fast, and very well designed. I changed a few keyboard shortcuts to fit my grown habits, and it works just fine. Please take the handful of suggestions below as a compliment - I would not attempt to improve a software if it wasn't almost perfect :D

- cursor left=activate left pane, cursor right=activate right pane (these are keys I used extremely often in my previous 2-pane-file manager...)

Search Files:
- should remember last file ending, e.g. *.doc
- should remember containing text, last date and size settings if activated by a tick box (would be nice if the tick box set itself once you start changing a setting)
- should remember sort order, by default last modified on top (you want to find the last version of your document, right?); currently it uses always "alphabetic inside the same folder", which is pretty useless

- when two paths are defined in favourites, a left+right logic should be used, not active/inactive (imagine one of the favourites is USB archives vs hard disk archives - can cause havoc to confuse sides...)

- Quick Filter:
a) toggling would be nice, e.g. Ctrl F to get focus and type *.doc, Ctrl F again to restore *.*
b) should wait until typing finished, because e.g. ".a" on a network drive can be horribly slow


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