FreeCommander & Folder Menu 3 (Middle Mouse Button)

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FreeCommander & Folder Menu 3 (Middle Mouse Button)

#1 Post by autocart » 17.05.2013, 08:05

I use Folder Menu 3. (IMHO a must have.) It generally works fine with FreeCommander. However it uses the Middle Mouse Button. If I click with the MMB on a folder, this folder is opened in a new tab. For some this might be awesome. But for me in connection with Folder Menu 3 it is a pain in the a...

I would wish that it could be set it in the options dialog if I want to activate or deactivate the functionality of opening a folder by clicking on it with the MMB. Thx a lot!!

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Re: FreeCommander & Folder Menu 3 (Middle Mouse Button)

#2 Post by Dreamer » 17.05.2013, 17:37

I have requested such an option already, with more options:

- no action
- focus item (useful if using single click option)
- standard open/run (as double click)
- open folder in a new tab
- select item
- rename item

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Re: FreeCommander & Folder Menu 3 (Middle Mouse Button)

#3 Post by Sicknero » 01.08.2013, 23:22

I'm also a long time user of FM3, although lately I've been giving Listary a whirl as a possible alternative.

Anyway, I know it's an old-ish post but I just wanted to comment that it's quite easy (and often necessary, I've found) to change the Folder Menu trigger to something like Ctrl+Middle Click to prevent it conflicting with other apps.


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