FEATURE: folder browse/navigate pane-sync

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FEATURE: folder browse/navigate pane-sync

#1 Post by andwan0 » 10.05.2013, 12:14

Possible to have a "synchronized" folder browse/navigation across multiple panes within distinct folder trees. (Ie, I have a mirrored folder structure from my HDD-sub-folder to my USB-HD. Left-pane shows HDD-sub-folder set. Right-pane shows USB-HD folder set. When I navigate in left-pane, the right-pane auto-navigates/browse too. Ofcourse if folder doesn't exist then it'll flash/warn, etc. to say out-of-sync.)

This is generally useful when I want to do a complete overhaul folder/file restructure. Currently at the moment, when I do a complete overhaul folder/file restructure on HDD, then later it's so difficult to remember what I changed to reflect USB-HDD. A folder-compare is slower resolution in any case (when we are dealing with gigabytes of files.) And plus, sometimes I don't want to include ALL large files on my USB-HDD, etc...


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