You can use this xls work file for translation

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You can use this xls work file for translation

#1 Post by vsrawat » 13.04.2013, 22:48

I found that though ini translation utility was separating keys from values, it is still not giving the values separately to be pre translated by some machine translation software.

So, I have created a work file in MS Excel 2010. You can view or download it from here. (No sign in required. Anyone having the link can access it). ... sp=sharing

In this file,
- first column A (orig) has the original key=value thing.
- second column B ( locn of =) has a simple excel formula that finds the position of = (the separator)
- third column C (key) has they keyname part separated.
- fourth column D (value) has the value part separated. this is what you have to translate.

What to do -
(I have put latest english.lng file in column A. If you have some newer version of english.lng file, just copy from that file, and paste to column A, overwriting existing values of column A. Do copy all the formula in remaining columns (B,C,D,E,F) up to the last row)

1. Copy entire column D (value) having english text to be translated.
2. Paste that in google translate or some software to translate.
3. put translated text from that software to column E (trans value)
4. correct translated text if required. (you can correct in ms word, or text pad, and paste translated value here)

- then you will get sixth column F (key=value) automatically.

Paste column F to some text file. save that as utf-8 encoding if required.

Do take care to arrange section headers [xxx type of text] manually, as I have not made formula to include that in column F manually

You may find it helpful in getting entire text in one go, to be put in machine translation software, that pre-translates to reduce your work.

Admin: If you think it is useless file, please feel free to delete this post. :-)


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