Automatically use Windows Search...?

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Automatically use Windows Search...?

#1 Post by derula » 10.04.2013, 17:16

So, what used to be a rare app not many people actually use called Windows Desktop Search, has now been tightly integrated into Windows for 3 major versions as Windows Search and is enabled by default for every one. It has APIs to query the index. It seems only natural to me that FC would query WS before beginning to manually traverse the disk, if the service is activated. However, it doesn't, there seem to be no plans to make it do that, and nobody has suggested it either.

Now, if I were to use FC as my primary file manager, and wanted to search for a file, I would have two options:
1. Wait a long time for FC to find it manually
2. Start Windows Explorer and search there instead, getting instant results
So why would I not use WE in the first place? It can do everything FC does except the dual-pane thing.

What it should be like, in my view:
FC search uses WS first if it is enabled, and afterwards continues with its manual search to make those critics shut up who think WS doesn't work correctly. Then it has quick results first, but after that might still be able to find more. Of course, the manual process can skip files already found by WS (e.g., if it searched for content, it doesn't need to re-search the contents of a file that was already promoted by WS).


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