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Search File /Folders Form

#1 Post by tlsi2000 » 24.03.2013, 20:31

File Search

To make this excellent capability a little bit better, a few capabilities could be worthwhile...

Set up a button for the properties collapse/un-collapse; the splitter is great functionality, but hitting it with a mouse is not always easy.

When the properties are collapsed, do so on initialization of search, not at end, so we can get the full list as the search is running.

When properties are collapsed, add a 'Cancel' button so it can be cancelled (when search is active).

Allow a 'Copy List to Clipboard' and 'Copy List To File' of the files found; with a 'type of copy' like fill grid output [tabbed ?], full path, name only, etc.

Thank you for the drag/drop in this version !



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