ER: color filters as in XY

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ER: color filters as in XY

#1 Post by inglorious » 09.08.2012, 00:33

xy has a nice feature to display files according to their property in a different color:

wow, see at a glace e.g. which file has been modified today, no more switch to detail view and sort by date, amazing fast and a good productivity increase!

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Re: ER: color filters as in XY

#2 Post by autocart » 15.10.2013, 10:58

At least, FC can apply color filters (also filtering modified items of the last day) to the text-color in the list view pane. (Background color for items - as in XY - are obviously not supported. And it does not affect the tree.)

First create a normal filter under:
"Folder" -> "Filter" -> "Set filter..." -> "Define..." -> "+(Add new filter)" -> [name it] -> "Tab:Date" -> "Date: Modified" -> [check]"Not older than" [1 Day(s)] -> "OK"

Then go to:
"Tools" -> "Settings..." -> "View / File/folder list" -> "Tab:Items color" -> In the middle of the window: "+(Add new color class)" -> "Select predefined filter" -> [select the just created filter] -> In the middle of the window: "Set color" -> [pick preferred text-color] -> "OK"


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