quick filter and directories

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quick filter and directories

#1 Post by gnn » 09.06.2010, 18:41

I think it could useful if the quick filter shows directories even if they don't match pattern.

Sometime, I remember a filename but I'm not sure into which subdirectory the file is. Quicker than a search file, I could use Quick filter to find the file.

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Re: quick filter and directories

#2 Post by stedanarh » 10.06.2010, 07:27

You should use the Flat view - files command from the View menu (shortcut: Ctrl+B) to show all files from subfolders, and after that apply the quick filter (shortcut: Ctrl+Y) and type the filter characters.

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Re: quick filter and directories

#3 Post by Underdog » 14.04.2013, 00:07

True enough: using Plain View - files or Plain View - files. folders with the quick filter certainly works and is quite useful, but it can be a bit tedious switching between views. One could use the Tree View as well to drill down into subfolders with the quick filter active and the option "Deactivate quick filter for folder change" turned off.

stedanarh's suggestion is still a good one. It would be nice have an option in the Settings for Quick Filter "Always show folders".
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