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FC 899 shows not existing dirs and files in root of network shares

Posted: 28.11.2023, 13:53
by HansS
FreeCommander XE 2023 899 64-bit donor
(but same error with with public v880).
Win10 22H2 Enterprise on Dell Latitude 7420
Win11 22H2 Enterprise on Dell Latitude 5540

I have e.g. drive L: and Z: mapped to some network share or have RDP "\\tsclient\C" etc., and FC shows in all these locations two not existing folders "!!!!!822585370", "!!!!!2183112645" and 42 not existing files "!!!!!360150708.doc", "!!!!!369907531.pem", "!!!!!614784808.avi", "!!!!!1041524814.ppt", ... "GxzUwf346426553.xlsx", "GxzUwf426716805.txt", ... "XORXOR221495024.db", "XORXOR397693439.pps", ... "ZZZZZ796796308.doc", "ZZZZZ1015106436.docx", ...

FC can open the not existing folders and shows 21 not existing files in these folders.

All files shown with different sizes > 0, and if I try to open e.g. some *.txt with double click, Notepad++ tells me that the file does not exist, and neither in Explorer nor in BeyondCompare or with dir /a in cmd I see such files.

It's not related to settings: If I delete the Settings-folder I first see just 2 not existing files, if I then turn on hidden and system items I see all the folders and files mentioned above.