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Rename And List Position

Posted: 13.11.2023, 20:37
by jimdunn
I am using the "FreeCommander XE 2023 Build 898 64-bit donor" version.

When you have a list of 150 files, and you're "near the top" of the list and do a rename, it renames, and moves the newly renamed file up or down in the list to correct the "sort by name" in the display.

That works perfectly, but when I got down to file 99 or 100 or so... a rename caused the newly renamed file to "drop" to the bottom of the displayed list instead of just moving up or down a couple of rows. The re-display is not the same smooth "movement" as when I change files 1 - 75.

Re: Rename And List Position

Posted: 05.12.2023, 22:34
by jimdunn
Is anyone else seeing this issue? I have a list of 51 files. I scroll down to file # 47 and rename it from "bob 123.txt" to "bob 1234.txt"... and it "jumps" to the bottom of the list... when it should stay in the same position.