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Tab Popup Menu Button for Address Bar toolbar

Posted: 11.08.2022, 11:24
by Forez
Users have the ability to add a small in height toolbar to Address Bar. Uses also can choose under the

Tools > Settings > View > Folder Tabs > Tab Management > Show tab popup menu button

to show or hide a handy button that drops down a menu with list of Tabs when it is pressed. That button [when visible] is placed in the [bottom] line with Tabs

But making it possible for this button to appear also / or on the Address Bar of a given Panel would save a user some space for Tabs. Yes, I know: that saved space would hardly make room for a single Tab even when named something short like >>.<< - but every pixel counts when Tabs just seem to keep budding to the point where second and third line of Tabs is created [which can lead to chaos because of the issues of FreeCommander moving up and down rows of Tabs: viewtopic.php?p=27338]

Re: Tab Popup Menu Button for Address Bar toolbar

Posted: 19.08.2022, 11:34
by Forez
If this gets ever implemented, users should be able to choose on which side of each Panel this button should appear: next to the Splitter toolbar or on the opposite side i.e. next to the icon of drive

In other words: users could have from 0, through 1, to up to 4 such buttons on their Address Bars