video snapshots "stored" in temp folder

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video snapshots "stored" in temp folder

#1 Post by andyaz » 07.04.2022, 06:42

When using vlc as the [media interface] for quick viewer, I'm able to take snapshots (Yeah!), but, by default, they're put into the current FreeCommander temp folder (Boo!). I can move the folder to a more accessible location under [Start program]-[Tab Start/TEMP folder], but it's still a temp folder. And I can manually copy or move the snapshots to a permanent folder, but temp files seem to disappear at any random moment (or sometimes never), so that's not an entirely satisfactory solution. I can find other posts about the vlc interface, but nothing on this specific topic, so I feel like I must be missing something obvious. It seems like FC might use vlc's default location, which is a path that does exist, but in vlc preferences, I chose a different folder. Could that be the problem?

Much thanks for any help or suggestions.

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Re: video snapshots "stored" in temp folder

#2 Post by Dreamer » 07.04.2022, 20:08

You can change the path in viewer, click the options (gear) button and then click the option "Snapshot folder...".

It's in the "FreeCommander XE "not so obvious" settings" topic, last post for VLC.

FreeCommander XE "not so obvious" settings - Page 3 - FreeCommander Forum

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