861-Mouse scrolling corrupted when going from 2 pane to 1 and back

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861-Mouse scrolling corrupted when going from 2 pane to 1 and back

#1 Post by Aggie69 » 22.03.2022, 23:08

Running Win 10 (10.0.19044), FC 861 on a Dell desktop. This problem first occurred under FC 840. I installed FC 861 thinking it would correct the problem, but it didn't. It had the same problem.

In 2 pane view I'm looking at panels that have more column width than can be displayed. There is a horizontal scroll bar at the bottom that lets me scroll horizontally and see all of the columns-just like it's supposed to. With the mouse wheel I can scroll thru the files vertically-just like it's supposed to. However, if I use F10 to switch to 1 pane view, I can see all columns at once and the mouse pointer highlights an entire row at a time as I move the mouse up and down. The mouse wheel however, does not work (no up and down scrolling).

When I switch back to 2 pane view, FOR THAT FOLDER, the mouse wheel scrolls horizontally, not vertically, showing me all of the column information for 1 FILE. I can choose a file row with the mouse pointer, but I am unable to scroll vertically. No matter what I try, this one folder remains corrupted in either the left or right pane. Doing the same thing on another folder, F10 - F10, corrupts it also.

I tried running FC in command line mode with the parameter "/N /NewIni=FreeCommanderTest.ini /NoPlugins /Lng=English" to use a new .ini file, but the results were the same.

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