Multi rename wildcard button is hidden

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Multi rename wildcard button is hidden

#1 Post by joq » 28.02.2022, 13:27

I want to affix a string to the basename of a number of files. For example, I have:


...and I want to rename those to:


I select the three files and launch Multirename.

In Multirename dialog, when I input '*' in the Search for field and hit TAB to exit the field, Freecommander hangs. It is "Not responding" and remains like that until forced quit. CPU usage spikes temporarily.

I also noticed that the Wildcard Filter button (yellow speech bubble) is missing. To see which button I mean, open this page ( and search for "After clicking the button a pop up menu is opened with tips on the use of wild cards in the "Search for" field.". However, when I hover the cursor in that area, the text bubble still shows up.

I have reproduced this several times.

I am using FreeCommander XE 2022 Build 865 64-bit donor on Windows 10 Enterprise 20H2 (build 19042.1526).

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Re: Multi rename wildcard button is hidden

#2 Post by Ticros » 28.02.2022, 14:20

If I understand you correctly you could put [n]_BAR into the "File name" and on renaming the string "_BAR" would be added before the file extension and after the file name.

Cannot say anything about the other behavior since I only have 860 public build, which seems does not do the issue.

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Re: Multi rename wildcard button is hidden

#3 Post by horst.epp » 28.02.2022, 14:22

There is no freeze for me if I follow your steps.
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