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Danish translation

#1 Post by erik_m » 28.08.2021, 12:43

Hi active guys of FreeCommander
As far as I can see there is an old fc-translation into danish, dating back to 2014. A few days ago I have started updating fc xe to the latest version - on top of the 2014 danish translation and the 2021-english version. It will take some time before the project is finished as quite a lot of text has been added nsince 2014. Up to now I have used Notepad++for the updating. Is there a better tool available? Another question. I have used Microsoft Access to add new lines to the danish 2014-file - by changing lng into txt and importing the files. Will it be ok to take the danish.txt file and change it back to danish.lng to bring it back to fc? Access does not accept lng-files...

help with the project will be greatly appreciated
Erik Marcussen

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Re: Danish translation

#2 Post by Marek » 28.08.2021, 14:06

The lng file is simply txt file saved with UTF8 coding.
So you can use any text editor you like.
You can use Access if you like, at the end you need rename the txt file to lng file (with UTF8 coding).

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Re: Danish translation

#3 Post by Dreamer » 28.08.2021, 21:53

Hi Erik,

please check also this topic:

Translation Guide - FreeCommander Forum

It's not easy to update existing translation, you should use the same term for same function, because more different terms may exist in your language, so you should check the important terms - you can use English lng file, e.g. for "tab" search for "tab" in English.lng file, it's "34014=Folder Tabs", then search for the number 34014= in your language, to make sure, that you're using the same term.

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