'File Explorer'-type settings

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'File Explorer'-type settings

#1 Post by coyote » 30.04.2021, 00:37

I came to FC for a different reason than many. I like the 'File Explorer' format, but couldn't live without a column that shows the size of folders. In case someone who feels the same way comes along, here are the settings I use to do this (and to do some other stuff I like):

F10 (one panel)
Ctrl-F2 (Details)
Alt-T (Tree)
Tools|Define action toolbars|enable Address (Go up,Search,My Computer,Drive CDFGHIJK,CopyFullPathAsText
Tools|Settings (F12):
General|enable Auto backup
View|Tree|Management|Base Folder=desktop;Show hidden folders & archive files
View|File/Folder list|disable Show parent folder "..", enable Show gridlines
View |Folder tabs|Tab management|disable Always keep one tab open, then either Ctrl-W or exit and reopen FC
View|Tree|Color/Font/Icons|Text=Georgia,Font Selections=Red,Selection=Yellow
View|Drives|disable Show drives as button bar
Select items|NC-Mode|enable Extended selection with "Shift" and "Ctrl"(then disable Select items in NC-Mode
Save Column Profiles for
My PC:Name,Percent Full,Free Space(xx of yy),File System
Folders: Name,Size kB(Alt-F9 for folder size), Modified, Type
MyDocs:Same as above but narrower Name to fit

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