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Re: Total7zip Plugin Installer

#16 Post by cm630 » 26.10.2020, 12:45

I have no clue if there is a benefit using the 64-bit version instead of the 32-bit one. So I install whichever comes to my eyesight :idea:

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Re: Total7zip Plugin Installer

#17 Post by imanalien » 29.12.2020, 13:46

So this plugin is just to associate as in it allows freecommander to be able to see and show like iso files in the main window..not the folder tree?? or does it allow freecommander to be not only a file explorer but also a built in program like 7zip? I ask because i signed up here to ask how come freecommander doesnt show iso files and a few other formats in the main results window and was wondering if theres a setting to make that happen,? when i click on my downloads foler in the tree pain the results/main window doesnt show my iso files so is that what this plugin is for?? if not can someone help me figure out how to have those few file ext show up. Thanks.

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Re: Total7zip Plugin Installer

#18 Post by danpeig » 14.03.2021, 19:34

Version 1.3 released

The version 1.3 of the plugin uses Total 7-Zip 21.01 alpha libraries. I normally don't use alpha/beta releases but this is important, it fixes several bugs since 7-Zip 19.01.
There is no reason to upgrade from 1.2 if you are not experiencing any problems packing/unpacking your files.

Download from my website:
Download from GitHub: ... _installer

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Re: Total7zip Plugin Installer

#19 Post by ANDREW007CZ » 08.04.2021, 10:39

Thanks for this!

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Re: Total7zip Plugin Installer

#20 Post by crony » 07.09.2021, 18:09

This is awesome. Thank you!

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Re: Total7zip Plugin Installer

#21 Post by danpeig » 06.02.2022, 17:31

Version 1.5 released

This version includes the latest 7-Zip 21.07 featuring VHDX support, improved TAR packaging and memory optimization.

Download from my Website:
or from GitHub: ... _installer

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Re: Total7zip Plugin Installer

#22 Post by MichalKarlik » 16.03.2022, 18:42

Dear Mr Peig,

could you be so kind and give me advice(s)/suggestion(s) how to execute "Total7Zip" plugin? I use FC 861 x32 public + Win XP SP3 x32 and therefore I am not able to run PowerShell script.

My policy is to have plugins in compact form and therefore I use path "%FCSrcPath%\settings\plugins\…", in this case "%FCSrcPath%\Settings\plugins\total7zip\total7zip.wcx".

But when I wish to configure option, I obtain message "7-zip GUI is not found. INSTALL_PATH\Plugins\wcx\Total7zip\7zG.exe. Download 7-zip…"

I have downloaded your file "" from your github and have extracted, not installed into path described above. 7zG.exe is present.

Thank you in advance for your reply. Best regards, MichalKarlik

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Re: Total7zip Plugin Installer

#23 Post by alexis92 » 10.05.2022, 17:24

As a new user, this is brilliant to me, Thank you!

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Re: Total7zip Plugin Installer

#24 Post by cm630 » 23.06.2022, 07:58

On a newly installed PC I have installed FreeCommander.
When I run the total7zipinstaller.ps1 the C:\Program Files\FreeCommander XE\Plugins\wcx\Total7zip folder is created and filled with content, but when I try to unpack an archive I get the following msgbox:
“7-zip library is not found.
Download 7-Zip
When I press OK I get:
“The action was interrupted by the user

I am using FC build 869 64-bit donor. Edit: The same with build 872.

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Re: Total7zip Plugin Installer

#25 Post by RomanS » 03.07.2022, 11:09

Hi. I have exactly the same issue. v861 32bit
"7-zip libraly is not found."

What am I doing wrong?
I tried the 840 version and that is without this issue.

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Re: Total7zip Plugin Installer

#26 Post by cm630 » 03.08.2022, 09:30

I also tried to install the plugin manually - I did not succeed.

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Re: Total7zip Plugin Installer

#27 Post by ags1905 » 25.09.2022, 09:10

Total7zip plugin not working anymore :(

After studying this plugin a little more, I became frustrated about how complicated the things were. For me to better understand how it works, I decided to clean things up a bit and this is what I learned (it applies to manual installation).
I separated the versions of the plugin and of 7zip into different directories, by architectures, x32 and x64. There is no need to mix all the files together;
Here is the archive, if someone wants it: or
I'll show the example for x64, for x32 just use the files in Total7zip-x32.

1. configure FreeCommmander
- uncompress the two directories in my archive in FreeCommander > Plugins > wcx
- configure FreeCommander > Tools > Settings > Archiver plugins
- add a new plugin
- Title: Total7zip
- File Extensions:
- Plugin file: %FcSrcPath%\Plugins\wcx\Total7zip-x64\Total7zip.wcx64 (%FcSrcPath% works only here, in Total7zip.xml it doesn't)
- Stub: %FcSrcPath%\FCSFXStub.exe

2. Configure Total7zip wcx plugin
- open config file: total7zip.xml
- modify the path in the following lines to correspond to where you have FreeCommander
- <path path_7z_dll="c:\FreeCommanderXE-64\Plugins\wcx\Total7zip\7zip-x32\7z.dll" path_7zG_exe="c:\FreeCommanderXE-64\Plugins\wcx\Total7zip-x32\7zG.exe" />
<path64bit path_7z_dll="c:\FreeCommanderXE-64\Plugins\wcx\Total7zip\7zip-x64\7z.dll" path_7zG_exe="c:\FreeCommanderXE-64\Plugins\wcx\Total7zip-x64\7zG.exe" />

3. the file Total7zip.xml in FreeCommander XE directory must be deleted if the path to the plugin changes, for example if FreeCommander is moved into a different directory. It will automatically be recreated.
Last edited by ags1905 on 11.04.2023, 13:57, edited 3 times in total.

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Re: Total7zip Plugin Installer

#28 Post by adamba » 05.11.2022, 10:29

Thanky you @ags1905! This worked fine!

Any hint on how to get proper icons for the various file extensions the 7-zip plugin handles?

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Re: Total7zip Plugin Installer

#29 Post by danpeig » 07.10.2023, 22:51


I updated the script to the latest 7-Zip version (23.01) and fixed some of the issues users were facing.
It now downloads the plugin payload directly from GitHub repository.

I tested it with the 896 64-bit version (donor) and with the 880 32-bit version (public release) in a clean Windows 10 sandbox. Everything looks good! ... /tree/main

If you have any issues, please contact me directly from GitHub issues page. Unfortunately I am not always receiving notifications from this topic.


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Re: Total7zip Plugin Installer

#30 Post by TK87 » 23.10.2023, 15:41


After reviewing your script, I noticed that you did not set the "ErrorActionPreference" to "stop" anywhere. This means that if errors occur, they would not be caught by the try-catch blocks.

As a small suggestion for improvement:
Why don't you use ansi escape codes for the output of colored text? This makes coloring much easier and you can define keywords for each color yourself.

For example, # followed by a letter for the color:

Code: Select all

# Escape character
[char]$ESC = 27

# define keywords for the ansi colors
$Colors = @{
  "#r" = "$ESC[91m"  # red text
  "#g" = "$ESC[92m"  # green text
  "#y" = "$ESC[93m"  # yellow text
  "#b" = "$ESC[94m"  # blue text
  "#m" = "$ESC[95m"  # magenta text
  "#c" = "$ESC[96m"  # cyan text
  "#0" = "$ESC[0m"   # default color

Function Write-Color-Output {
  # replace keywords in text
  Write-Output ([Regex]::Replace($Text,"#[rgybmc0]",{$Colors.$($args.Value)}))
In Action:

Regards, Thomas.

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