Several requests

Bugs and other issues or requests which have been resolved.
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Several requests

#1 Post by robsc » 21.05.2024, 20:26

1. On the address bar, I've got the "New item" menu. Can you include inside it new txt file?

2. Mouse shortcuts - Right click context menu. Can you add an indicator of an action having taking place? I have an area of the filename set to copy the path and another to copy the name and etc. I forget which action just took place so it would be nice if a tool tip would pop up indicating what you've done. That would get it into your memory and be redundant after a while, so you might have an option to turn it off as well. I find myself right clicking several times to bring up the right click context menu sometimes because I forget what settings I have made.

3. In the address bar, I have the systems folder. Is it possible to edit that? That might be a way to take care of #1 too. If you could edit what these default items contain, it would be nice. Maybe there already is and I just don't know how.

4. Possible bug - sometimes the tool tips won't appear for me until I close and reopen FC.

Thank You for the wonderful software..

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Re: Several requests

#2 Post by Dreamer » 21.05.2024, 21:16

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