Column profiles: Name must be first column

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Column profiles: Name must be first column

#1 Post by Alien426 » 23.01.2023, 08:42

I have updated from version 860 to 880 and now when editing the column profile one can not move any column other than "Name" to the very top in the dialog, i.e. left in the file/folder list.

I'm accustomed to having an order of Type, Name, Size Byte(s), Modified, Created, Attributes (usually sorting by Type). It makes a lot of sense to me and having the name be pretty much centered in the window feels good.
One can still move the columns in the file/folder list and the order will remain when changing to another folder, but switching tabs resets the order.

I was hesitant to post this as a bug report, since it seems rather deliberate. Older versions of FreeCommander would sometimes be buggy in my setup and file names would be displayed under the Type header (until restarted), so this may be an effort to avoid that. But to me it is a regression that will probably make me downgrade to 860 and test any newer versions for this feature before committing to it.

Other than this I love FreeCommander XE, though. I often recommend it.

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Re: Column profiles: Name must be first column

#2 Post by Forez » 03.02.2023, 14:19

Maybe you have accidentally turned on some Column Profile?

Or, I am speculating, have none - and thus this is the root of this bug?

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