Context menu lacks sorting orders and has misleading icons

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Context menu lacks sorting orders and has misleading icons

#1 Post by Forez » 13.08.2022, 18:00

When a user right clicks on an empty space in main window of Panel then a context menu appears. As a second entry it has a handy sub-menu named "Sort by", which holds time-saving shortcuts

And for example one of the sort orders available there is by "Name". But is does no specify if it is by name ascending or is it by name descending - but at the same time is has an icon with an arrow pointing down, thus suggesting the sorting order will be descending. But how it really works is this: it switches from one way of sorting alphabetically to the opposite - i.e. from A-Z to Z-A order

And thus I propose splitting all of those entries and adding to them accordingly a proper informative icon and either " - ascending" and " - descending" or maybe " ● A-Z" and " ● Z-A" description. So for example we would have a choice of either clicking "Name - ascending" or "Name - descending"; or [to speed up readability] of clicking "Name ● A-Z" or "Name ● Z-A"

And I know- this would expand that sub-content menu to a greater length. So maybe, to accommodate users who are pleased wit how it currently looks and works, this expansion proposed by me could be revertible by means of adjusting Settings? If yes- then I think that after all my proposition should be the default functionality of that whole "Sort by"

[I am using FreeCommander version 861 32-bit public on Windows 10 Enterprise 20H2 19042.746 x64]

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