Quick Filter works more like a search feature

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Quick Filter works more like a search feature

#1 Post by Forez » 07.05.2022, 14:26

Right new the Quick Filter filters items based exactly on the provided expression. And so the user has to know the exact name or part of name of the file that the user is looking for. But what if the user knows only some parts of the name, that are spaced apart within filename?

For comparison, in Mp3tag the user can enter in the Filter box something like

most ever my

in order to be presented by the program with a file named

My Most Favorite Greatest Song Ever

on the list with filtered files - while at the same time the user can also enter

"My Most Favorite Greatest Song Ever"

[i.e. enclosed with quotation marks] in order to rule out cases of filenames with names like

Some Other Favorite Song
Greatest Song But Not To My Taste

So currently the Quick Filter feature works more like a basic Search and dos not allow for very quick searches. And so I propose either adding to FreeCommander another Quick Filter feature which would allow for such really quick, ambiguous and scrappy searches; either in a separate box - or in the already existing one, but with an added option of quickly switching between modes of operating with a single click of a button [placed next to the box]

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