How to conduct proximity search?

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How to conduct proximity search?

#1 Post by Raindrops » 04.03.2022, 13:05


I would like FC to carry out proximity search (finding files where two words or phrases are within n words of each other.)
Where n is a user-specified search parameter.

Can anyone help me with this (possibly with RegEx)?

Please also suggest how to do proximity search if the order of the words/phrases is immaterial.
That is, the user wants to find both of the following patterns:
<phrase1> <up to n words> <phrase2>
<phrase2> <up to n words> <phrase1>

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Re: How to conduct proximity search?

#2 Post by SupremeAutoCity » 26.03.2022, 10:44

To do a proximity search, put all key terms that you want in the query within quotation marks, followed by the tilde ~ and the numerical value that represents the proximity you wish to search.

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