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Create folders upon clipboard

#1 Post by exasec » 16.09.2021, 18:19

Hey there,
Hello marek and thanks again for FreeCommander, I spend most of my days working with it since almost a year.

It's been a while now that I'm looking for some feature but in all likelihood it doesn't exist.
What would be amazingly useful, to me at least, would be to create automatically as many new folders, in one click, as there are in the clipboard.

For example, quite often I have to create a dedicated folder for one specific number in my spreadsheet. The folder name must be the said number.
Most of the times, it's not about one number/one folder, but dozens of numbers, that show up on a spreadsheet, that I can copy.

How great would it be if I could do a right-click > Create folder(s) from Clipboard and see all the new folders pop-up, named as expected.

Many thanks for your consideration and for all the work you already did.

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