New tabs (^t) often open withOUT keeping Tree View

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New tabs (^t) often open withOUT keeping Tree View

#1 Post by offpath » 08.09.2021, 23:11

It's continuing. Weeks ago, I installed on machine A the Free Commander update (849) that was supposed to fix the Tree View problem. It did not, really. Instead, the problem occurred often, but not always (which doesn't make troubleshooting easy).
I always use FreeCommander XE 64 bit set to dual panel, split horizontal. I use it on many machines, but am addressing here 2 machines, A and B, both Windows 10. Machine A is ver 21H1, build 19043.1165, has an Intel Core i5-8250u cpu, and 79 GB memory. Given Windows 10's fascist update requirements, Machine B is probably on that Windows version as well.

After a group of Tree View failures on new tabs, I tried re-installing the same update 849 on machine A.
I opened Free Commander and closed all tabs but the one basic tab. I closed Free Commander.
- Then I uninstalled FreeCommander & rebooted.

I also
- deleted FreeCommander.ini
(C:\Users\Administrator\AppData\Local\FreeCommanderXE\Settings\Bkp_Settings_2021-08-12 07-25-14\FreeCommander.ini)

After this "clean" re-install of build 849, the problem occured often but, again, not always.
The problem above was occurring on machine A (still ver 849) on ALL of the 8 tabs opened for a test. An hour later, the problem did not occur on a similar test. Machine A was using ~ 50% memory according to Task Manager. Firefox and VLC had been running on machine A, but were not both still running. Just BEFORE I noticed the problem on machine A only Firefox v 91.0.2 and UltraEdit v 16.30 had been running. After all instances of Tree View failure, I force Tree View onto the "bad" new tab using alt-T.

I just installed build 852 on 2 machines, A (above) and B.
On the machine B (which had NOT been "cleaned" of Free Commander & old ini's.) I installed build 852 (
>>> The problem then DID occur when opening / copying (^t) tabs on most or all of the tabs I tested on machine B AFTER installing 852. Machine B was running Adobe Audition v.3 at the time, but had loads of memory, and the recording being made was not disturbed by the Free Commander failure, implying that cpu / memory capacity was not the cause of the failure.
I have just installed build 852 ( on machine A as well (no "cleaning": no uninstall, no *.ini deletions). Build 849 had failed repeatedly to keep Tree View on the new tab, created by ^t. Then, an hour later, Free Commander stopped failing to keep Tree View on new tabs.
Machine A, after the install of 852 is not often failing -- but the failure had both occurred and then disappeared earlier under build 849. So the lack of failure after install of 852 may not mean much.

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